Two Thoughts

Two thoughts lie within as I sit here thinking about art.  I sit here on my lunch break thinking what does it mean today?  A small window getting bigger and bigger while the opening stays the same.  A world that feels like entrapment.  Why do I feel trapped behind the thought of life?  Will it melt away?  The differences we hold toward one another.  Is the thought of utopia too surreal to imagine real?  My utopia rule for myself is to always smile.  No matter the circumstance good or bad, a smile can change everything.



Landscape1             Smudged Lake

Zamolland is the name of our collaboration.  I will be working on projects with my sister Vanessa Holland.  She focuses on Photography, Drawing and Painting.  Together we will be captivate passion and experience into one.  Exploring different combinations.  We will both draw half and portrait.  We will capture and orientate certain marks made through different mediums.  Documentation will become easier to place through photography.  Why collaborate?  It’s an experience worth exploring.  Like the old saying, “four eyes are better than two.”  Two artists could be better than one.

Day 3- Hands On

Hands On

Left hand.  Right hand.  Left hand.  Right hand.  Today was a hands on kind of day.  No such thing as breaks when it comes to my second full-time job.  I’m a night supervisor at a paper company.  I make the magic happen! I load trailers, pick orders, check orders, confirm orders, clean, answer questions, organize runs, yell at the slackers and train the newbies.  If I had to choose one job it would be full-time visual artist 100 million%.  If only money wasn’t a big issue in today’s society…  I mean why can’t we trade?  I’ll trade you a piece of artwork for something with equal value like publicity.  I make art for the sake of making art, it’s my life!

The piece above was made in one of my painting classes.  An overlay experiment.  Putting invisible physical hands on a piece that displays marksmanship with dried paint.  Dark emotions flutter as these invisible hands try to cover it up.  Nothing to see here but anger and sadness.