Choices, 12″X9″, Color Sticks and Ink

Choices, 12"X9", Color Sticks and Ink.


Confined Fear, 18″X24″, Mixed Media

Each color in this piece has meaning:

  • Lt blue is sadness
  • Dk blue is depression
  • Purple is fear
  • Yellow is joy
  • Red is love
  • Green is recover

To recover from sadness, depression and fear just think about joyous moments and remember you are always loved. By family, friends, partners, Christ, co-workers, pets and more. Have courage in accepting yourself as someone who is strong. Someone who is wise. Someone who is NOT alone. YOUR opinion is the only opinion that matters in YOUR life.


The Beatles Collage

My first commission piece!  What an exciting feeling!  This piece took a good long while to complete roughly two weeks.  Once complete I found myself hoarding it for myself.  I don’t want to be like that.  I want to share my art with others, not hide away and be afraid.  The proceeds from this piece will go towards a family in need.  If you wanna know more shoot me an email at