Hello my name is Oscar! Mr. Oscar Zamora if you want to get technical. I was born in 1989 in the hot Palm Springs, CA. Grew up in Glenwood, MN with the snow and currently live in Fargo, ND which can get super windy. September 4th is my birthday so keep that in mind ;D.

Second oldest to three brothers and three sisters on my mom’s side. On my dad’s side I think it’s one brother and two sisters. An uncle to three nieces and a super awesome best friend to everyone everywhere :).

May 2012– Graduated from North Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Arts. Web Design was my minor. After graduating I moved around and did some freelance work: drawing portraits, art consulting, face painting, graphic designing, and some web designing.

The materials I like to use include: graphite pencils, color pencils, acrylic paints, color sticks and ink. As for the software I like to play with: Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Inkscape and Anime Studio.

Inspirations: Leonardo Da Vinci’s portraits and human studies are informative and analytically pleasing. Paul Cezanne’s brush work in his paintings are descriptive with each mark. Salvador Dali’s explorations with dream-like pieces feel fun and free. People have so much to offer in this world; they are fascinating to study. Animals can be challenging.

The goal for my art is to provide an experience that can change a person’s life. Even if you don’t ask me to do so I may end up drawing you (using a photo reference of course).

Thanks for reading this and take care! 🙂