Thirst For Knowledge

Grow, 12"X9", Color Sticks
Grow, 12″X9″, Color Sticks

Cold wet rain drops clutter my face and body, enriching my senses.  Standing so long out in this rain, plants begin to grow.  Apple tree with falling apples, red roses that smell blue.  Sunny light.  Photosynthesis.  Plant words I will use.  I stand here with open arms embracing life.  Embracing new knowledge that comes from new experiences.

I’ve recently experienced going to the bar and getting slightly drunk.  Dancing out on that dance floor for the first time made me feel courageous.  I didn’t care what people thought, it was fun and a great workout.  To be a plant that grows from alcohol.  To feel courageous and free.  To be anything and everything I want to be.