Day 3- Hands On

Hands On

Left hand.  Right hand.  Left hand.  Right hand.  Today was a hands on kind of day.  No such thing as breaks when it comes to my second full-time job.  I’m a night supervisor at a paper company.  I make the magic happen! I load trailers, pick orders, check orders, confirm orders, clean, answer questions, organize runs, yell at the slackers and train the newbies.  If I had to choose one job it would be full-time visual artist 100 million%.  If only money wasn’t a big issue in today’s society…  I mean why can’t we trade?  I’ll trade you a piece of artwork for something with equal value like publicity.  I make art for the sake of making art, it’s my life!

The piece above was made in one of my painting classes.  An overlay experiment.  Putting invisible physical hands on a piece that displays marksmanship with dried paint.  Dark emotions flutter as these invisible hands try to cover it up.  Nothing to see here but anger and sadness.