DAY 1- A New Beginning

*GASP*  A fight for air in this ice room.  Why can’t I breathe?  Why can’t I reach that satisfactory dream world?  I get a glimpse and awake I gasp for air again.  Unable to breathe through my mouth, I take in deep nostril breathes.  What in the world is wrong with me?  I took medication before going to sleep to numb the pain.  That shouldn’t have any effect on my breathing should it?  So many thoughts going through my head.  What if I died in my sleep?  That would be unfortunate…Today is a new beginning.  A fun filled turkey day, Thanksgiving, a way to make it even more memorable.

Art is about the experience.  Since we experience so much in one day, art is everywhere.  The sound of wind beating against the window.  Heater thumping a rhythm almost tribal.  The lighting on all the screens of technology being used.  It’s all waiting to be captured and explained.  Dust on boxes leaving residue on your hands taking away or showing negative space.  It’s all there it’s all around.  The areas I feel the need to focus on include: Portraits, Illustration, Tessellations, Landscapes and other miscellaneous art forms that waltz right onto my paper.